Who We Are

Juno Consulting is a Melbourne based consultancy that works at the cross section of leadership development and Corporate Social Responsibility.

We have been in business since 2001 and enjoy delivering innovative experiential leadership programs that help business and individual leaders reconnect with community in a meaningful way.

We have provided leadership development programs under the Juno Consulting banner for over 8 years now. During those years we have trained over 2.000 corporate leaders across a range of industries and levels of seniority. As a result, we have accumulated extensive knowledge on leadership and how to develop the emotional skills and competencies that underpin great leadership.

We believe the key to innovation is to foster a workplace culture in which adaptive leadership is encouraged. People of various backgrounds, business, government and academic, have argued that improving Australia’s innovation capabilities will not occur without strong leadership, good management practices and healthy social values across our private and public sector workplaces. A recent report by Professor Roy Green demonstrated that Australian management compared well on operational capability but not so in people management.

Strengthening innovation capabilities and performance in Australia is, first and foremost about engaging and capturing the hearts and minds of people in the workplace and developing a social value system in which ‘adaptive leadership’ is an ingrained part of people’s ways of thinking and doing.

The Juno Group work closely with local community partners and disadvantaged community members across Melbourne and the ‘Business – Community Mentoring’ program provides an ideal platform to affect positive change in the local community as well as providing an excellent people development vehicle for your team. The participating corporate mentors will have the opportunity to develop and sharpen their leadership flexibility and allow participants to apply coaching techniques in an ‘off-Broadway’ environment – mentoring a long term unemployed person.

Juno Consulting also works extensively with a diverse range of social partners including Job Service Agencies, Community Development & Neighbourhood Renewal initiative to work with some of Australia’s most disadvantaged communities. We not only train and coach these job seekers, we also pair them with corporate mentors for a period of 3 months. In over 100 such community mentoring programs we have consistently achieved success rates of 65-70%, mainly working with the long-term unemployed.

We pride ourselves on our integrity, ethical approach and dedication to quality results. At the end of working with us you will be surprised by comments from your staff along the lines of “My company is great for doing this!”.