What We Do

Our three core areas of expertise are:

Adaptive Leaders – Business Community Mentoring

Mentoring a disadvantaged community member, who is clearly in need of advice and coaching, creates a powerful motivation for leaders to overcome their own barriers and start experimenting with new leadership skills and behaviours. Our community mentoring programs are goal oriented and fully facilitated for the 13 weeks duration. We carefully screen and train proteges and mentors receive foundation training and ongoing coaching to assist them in their journey.

New Leaders

We provide programs that assist new leaders in making the transition to management. These programs focus on effective leadership and team behaviours. In all our programs we combine experiential learning with reflective work and group coaching. The programs are designed to be practical and all the material we cover is immediately applicable in the new leader’s work.

Job Active & DES Programs

We offer a suite of programs to Job Services Australia providers which are known for their high level of outcomes when working with long-term unemployed and diversity clients. Based on our proven combination of training, coaching and corporate mentoring, we have consistently achieved 50-70% outcome rates. We also provide programs for less disadvantaged clients and training for Job Active & DES consultants.

Our interventions are based on a set of models and tools that we have found to be powerful, practical and ethical.