Tools for New Leaders

Many emerging leaders advance into management positions without a practical foundation in leadership and management methodology.

They are frequently promoted as a result of being a subject matter expert or high performer. Often, they lack the skills and emotional competencies needed to lead. With high stakes for both the emerging leader and the business, the foundation laid during this period shape the quality of the future leader.
The ‘Practical Tools for Emerging Leaders’ program is designed to lay a solid foundation of practical leadership knowledge. The skills introduced during the training are then integrated into day-to-day performance via periodic reflective workshops facilitated by a Juno Consultant.
Some of the key topics covered are:
• Developing personal authority and being assertive.
• Having ‘clean and clear’ difficult conversations that produce results.
• How to delegate and achieve results through others.
• Becoming a role model.
The program generates measurable changes in an emerging leader’s performance in the workplace through expanding and developing his/her leadership behaviours. The participant will learn strategies for a broad range of leadership challenges and, having applied them, will gain greater insight and learnings through reflective workshops.

‘Practical Tools for Emerging Leaders’ consists of five, half-day workshops which can be delivered at intervals that suit the business.
Each session focuses on a key set of leadership issues and participants are then given tasks to undertake before the next session.
The program delivery is based on a mix of action learning concepts & tools, reflection and coaching.