Stephanie Fevrier

Stephanie is an energetic and outcome focused facilitator with a background in mind set coaching, disenfranchised community engagement, vocational training and Employment Services Case Management.

Steph has a real passion for moving individual’s forward and her enthusiasm to see her participants achieve their goals is truly remarkable.
With an earnest desire for learning and commitment to self-development Stephanie has refined her approach to partnering with Juno’s community clients, centering around the pillars of continuous growth and achievement through facing into challenge. Being able to utilise her stakeholder management and years of experience within the sector has had a positive influence with engaging our most disadvantaged community clients.
Stephanie has decades of experience in group facilitation and shares a genuine desire to transforms the lives of others. Being a certified NLP practitioner, Holistic Therapy coach and TAE Facilitator, she has the skill set for creating positive change in group workshops and enabling others to create systemic changes in their life’s and future
Stephanie is currently Juno’s Lead Facilitator and Coach with our community stakeholders and has been successfully preparing our jobseeker clients to engage with the Australian employment market and business sector since 2002
Stephanie has delivered training to, and coached teams and individuals from a diverse range of corporate and community clients including; KPMG, BUPA, NAB, ANZ, Hume City Council.

She has developed and delivered employment pathways programs for; Direct Recruitment, Max Employment, Sarina Russo Job Access, The Salvation Army Employment Plus, Wise Employment, AMES Australia, IMVC & Whitelion.