Josh McKiterick

Josh provides a human-centred approach to facilitation and training design, stemming from a well-founded understanding in how people work, in their physiology, in their language and in their minds.

His facilitation is inherently agile, and designed to create room for emergent wisdom. In that way, he is always developing, refining & learning, and bringing participants on that journey. Participants become highly engaged and able to demonstrate, in their behaviour, new and exciting ways of being.

Josh specialises in human-centric process design and problem solving, helping clients to develop their own adaptive and innovative leadership solutions, emotional intelligence, rapport and behavioural change strategies. Having learnt from many of the world’s most progressive practitioners, Josh uses a combination of Clean Language, Knowledge Engineering, Spiral Dynamics, Life Coaching and NLP to help clients clarify what they want, and get them there faster.

Josh holds a double degree in Science and Arts (University of Melbourne) and is an accredited NLP Master Practitioner and Coach.

Josh has delivered training to, and coached teams and individuals from a diverse range of corporate and community clients including; ANZ, KPMG, Downstream Design & Technology, LOKE digital & Melbourne Water.