Paul Lacey

Paul spent the first 18 years of his career in people management positions in industries such as Tourism, Media and Corporate Training before moving into the not-for-profit sector. During this time, he was responsible for building and maintaining senior business relationships nationally and internationally with global blue-chip companies.

Working as the Business Relationships Manager for The Salvation Army Employment Plus enabled Paul to channel his knowledge and expertise of the corporate sector to benefit the community, due to his understanding of the importance in creating ongoing mutually beneficial partnerships.

Paul joined Juno Consulting in January 2007 as the Business Relationship Manager and over the last decade has worked in all aspects of the organisation. As the Director of Juno Paul’s focus is in designing and developing programs that allow the organisation to work at both ends of the societal polarity.

Paul is passionate about Social Sustainability and his focus has been on managing Juno’s corporate-community immersive experiences such as the award-winning Business – Community Mentoring program.

Reshaping and further developing Juno’s Adaptive Leadership offering is at the forefront of his attention. Looking for ways to build capacity and capability in our leaders and future leaders using a social context as the platform for their development.

Paul’s understanding of complex Community, Government and Corporate client needs is extensive. Leading the team for Juno he is committed to looking for opportunities where the organisation can ‘Make a Difference’ in building and sustaining healthier communities.