Our Mission

Juno believes that business is undergoing a transformation that will reconnect the private sector economy with broader civil society.

We believe Corporate Social Responsibility and changes in organisational values and cultures are expressions of this trend. Our vision is to act as a change agent for this transformation, which we believe is mirrored by equivalent changes in the NGO sector.
We base our approach on a set of models and tools that we selected from over 12 years of research and experimentation. Key to our beliefs is that humans undergo development throughout their life and that people have all the resources they need to succeed in life, although they may not know how to access them. Through our programs and training we allow people to live more consciously and to learn to access resources when they need them.
Our motto ‘Making a Difference’ is crucial to our philosophy in consulting. We pay great attention to and take responsibility for results, walking the talk and making sure that the changes our clients pursue are adequate for their staff, their business and wider society.
Finally, we believe that emotional intelligence can’t be taught in the classroom. We concentrate on the emotional competencies and behaviours that we believe people can learn or change. We open avenues for people to re-examine their values when faced with emotionally challenging situations, and we give them the support and tools to make informed choices about their current and future behaviour.

Our Values

We live our values day-to-day in our interaction with clients, in running our own business and in our private life. We show the same dedication to highly paid executives as we do to highly disadvantaged members of the community. We live our life according to the prescriptions we give to our clients and we acknowledge our limiting beliefs and blind spots.

  • Integrity

    Act in accordance with our values and principles, no matter how hard the decision you have to make.

  • Responsibility

    100% responsibility for yourself in every situation and in every relationship.

  • Commitment

    Once you have committed to doing something, its non-conditional; you do it.

  • Quality

    Always be the best you can be, to achieve the best results you can for individuals, businesses and community.

  • Success

    Every client interaction has to have outcomes in line with client expectations.

Juno Consulting advances organisational cultures towards more society minded values and emotional intelligence. We create programs for leadership development under the umbrella of Corporate Social Responsibility and we work with vulnerable clients in the Job Network. To be successful in this endeavour we base our work on a set of values that reflects the interplay between success orientation and ethics.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is increasingly being seen as an overarching principle that needs to be incorporated into all business functions and needs to be aligned with your business purpose. A company that has incorporated CSR into its core business acts as a responsible citizen in society and environment whilst also acting as a catalyst where government or communities have failed. Business leadership can help to address market failures, deficiencies in civic society and governance failures.
Our process of developing your CSR Strategy starts by breaking CSR down into 4 areas: Marketplace, Workplace, Society and Environment. We map these areas to your business mission and processes and analyse risks and opportunities in each of the areas. The process we recommend is a cross-functional, bottom-up approach. We start by looking where you are at today and what the key drivers in your business are. We then guide a cross-functional team in developing your strategic and tactical goals, always ensuring that goals remain aligned with your business purpose.
In the final steps we analyse the potential for integration and conflict between these goals. To do this we look at infrastructure, processes, culture and individuals. The end result can be used by every employee to give them a customised view of CSR as it applies to their particular role. This will make the process tangible and relevant to the whole business.