Mei Ouw, BA, LLB

Transformational as a facilitator and empathetic as a coach, Mei’s insightful and direct approach adds a fresh perspective to situations, making her sought after in the leadership space.

She develops and delivers impactful experiential leadership programs designed to move people into a space of true adaptive leadership. The objective is raise levels of consciousness both at individual and team perspectives in order to deal with complex issues from a new level of thinking.

Committed to assisting people to self-actualise in both their professional and personal lives Mei has delivered over 1500 hours in individual coaching and coaching group processes and has worked across all levels of leadership, including executive teams. With a background in psychology Mei has an in depth understanding of human behaviour and works with client to develop their behavioural flexibility and thinking, allowing them to see new perspectives and therefore create more innovative and effective leadership solutions.

She holds a double degree in Law and Psychology and is an accredited in LSI, DiSC, MSCEIT, NLP and is about to commence a Masters Degree in Systemic Leadership and Organisational Analysis. Her focus in on action orientated coaching and she uses a range of the above tools and more for increasing self awareness, emotional intelligence and professional effectiveness.

Some of the clients Mei has worked with include NAB, ANZ, Standard and Poor’s, Mercer, ME Bank, GE, Superpartners, Bendigo Bank, BP, Origin Energy, SP Ausnet, Australia Post, Gilead Sciences, Unico, PROV, Tata Global Beverages, City of Melbourne, Iron Mountain, Worksafe, Department of Health and more.