Marion Osmond

Marion is a professional leadership facilitator, trainer and coach, known for her insightful and direct approach.

She has spent several years designing and delivering impactful leadership programs, including Juno’s signature “Adaptive Leaders (Business Community Mentoring)” program, to a range of corporate clients, including NAB, ANZ, ME Bank, Superpartners, OAMPS, Bristol-Myers Squibb, WorkSafe Victoria & RACV.

Specialising in adaptive leadership, behaviour change and team performance, Marion works collaboratively with clients to uncover core issues and move them towards behavioural flexibility and thinking. Through her work, she has assisted clients to see new perspectives and create innovative leadership solutions.

Marion’s focus is on challenging deep-seated assumptions. When necessary, she uses a range of concepts, including Lencioni’s Five Dysfunctions of a Team, DISC, System Dynamics, Immunity to Change, Emotional Intelligence and NLP.