Leading Teams

To effectively lead other people the leader needs a range of emotional capabilities that ideally include:
• The ability to inspire and motivate diverse people
• Flexible and well-developed communication skills
• Empathy and the ability to probe and listen
• The desire and ability to build relationships
• Influencing and collaboration skills
• The desire and ability to empower and develop people
• The courage and skill to have difficult conversations
• Ability to fluently switch between leadership styles
Whilst many of these capabilities have been readily identified and taught over the last few decades, a number of them are still routinely avoided or presumed to be innate skills that cannot be learned.

We agree that classroom based learning is not effective for these competencies. Juno Consulting has developed a range of experiences and coaching based programs that focus on the capabilities that we find leaders today need the most help with – empathy, inspiring and having difficult conversations.