Leading Self

Self-awareness and self-regulation are the basis for being a well-rounded and flexible leader. We all possess natural leadership abilities and we all have areas of leadership we feel uncomfortable with and would rather avoid. Some of us avoid performance management or difficult conversations, others fail to inspire and motivate their teams and some of us might find it difficult to build and maintain relationships.

Becoming aware of our natural behavioural preferences is the very first step on the road to expanding your leadership capabilities. This is best achieved through a combination of feedback (360 tools, coaching) and experiences that offer perspective on non-preferred leadership behaviour. That sounds easy enough and yet we display a remarkable propensity for discounting feedback that does not fit our own self-image. Increasing self-awareness requires a change of self-image and not everyone is ready to face themselves in an undistorted mirror.

With increased self-awareness usually comes the desire to change our current ineffective and unproductive behaviours and to gain access to new behaviours. This is where self-regulation comes into play. Self-regulation requires the individual to unlearn ingrained behaviours and replace them with new, more effective behaviours. With a good coach, this process usually takes 6-8 weeks and is best done one behaviour at a time.
Juno Consulting has created a number of programs and experiences to allow junior to middle managers to enhance their self-awareness and to increase their ability to self-regulate in the moment. These programs are ultimately designed to give leaders the insights, tools and coaching to become more flexible and more effective in their current and future roles.