Leading Community

The concept that business has a role to play in society beyond simply being an economic entity is now well established and is usually described as Corporate Social Responsibility. Assisting companies in creating meaningful experiences for staff in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility was one of the founding principles of Juno Consulting.

We like to use a combination of skills based volunteering and custom designed leadership experiences to help leaders to gain the perspective and insights that interacting with disadvantaged members of society can bring.

Typically, our skilled volunteering opportunities last 4-6 hours and are designed for teams of 8-12 people. Here is a list of our current offering:
• Mock Interviews for the unemployed
• Cold Calling & Phone Skills for the unemployed
• Back on Track – Life Design for the unemployed
• Workplace Communication Skills for the unemployed
• Team Building for the unemployed
• Problem Solving for the unemployed

Apart from the Mock Interview workshops (which run once a month) all of these experiences can be arranged on request. Our community partner will typically be part of Job Services Australia, the agencies providing services to people on unemployment benefits.