Kha Nguyen

Kha is Juno’s Program Support Officer, working closely with our Community Partners and Jobseeker participants. Kha’s primary focus is in enabling the long-term unemployed, through coaching and mentoring, to a pathway back into employment.

Kha has a passion for helping others reach their full potential and has been working for many years in the community and Vocational Educational sectors. Targeting some of Melbourne’s lowest socio-economic communities Kha has been able to have the highest impact. To our community participants Kha’s passion and personal story has been an inspiration and his believe in their capabilities has led to Kha having some amazing results.
Providing reverse marketing support and building relationships with employers Kha can broker opportunities for our Jobseekers as they enter the workforce for the first time or re-enter the workforce after a sustained period of unemployment.

Kha’s core skill set is developing relationships and having a true understanding of his clients. He has a strong commitment to seeing people move forward and has great ability to coach and make mindset changes with individuals who have come from highly disadvantaged and marginalised backgrounds.

Kha is currently undertaking a qualification to become a certified Allied Health practitioner.