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Such an amazing experience, I wish I had done the Juno program a long time ago. I had found myself in a cycle of doing the same thing and never getting the result I wanted, but with the help of the whole Juno team, the Mock interview workshops and Chris my MMG Mentor I was finally able to secure a role as a Sales Manager and restart my career. I think what they do is amazing and feel it’s a program that should be provided to anyone stuck and seeking work.Brett (Preston Jobseeker)

“As a registered Job Seeker with Centrelink/Max Solutions, I found myself caught up in a vortex of enforced voluntary work, not developing any ‘bankable’ skills, a loss of self-confidence and direction or securing employment.
Juno Consulting offered training, Job interview simulations and a mentorship program to Job Seekers registered with Max Employment.
I enrolled for the program, as the mock interviews and individual mentorship on offer, were with professionals working with reputable corporate organisations.
Juno Consulting’s winning combination of training, mock interviews and individual mentoring addressed both group and individual needs.
The result of the total program restored my self-confidence and I was enabled to handle my Job seeking activity as a Project.
I am back in the workforce and credit this positive outcome to Juno Consulting and their tailored, result oriented program package. Thank you Paul, Tim & Kha.”
Veena Devaya
(Melbourne Jobseeker)

“When I first met the Juno Facilitators I thought “Oh great, another sales pitch saying they will get me where I want to be but nothing will actually happen”. I quickly learned that Juno followed through on what they promised, they treated us like we were equals and worth their time and effort because they too have their own story, which is something amazing! They helped me build so much more confidence in myself; I knew what I wanted but not how to get there. However Juno did and they made my transition an incredibly easy and enjoyable one.
Because of their belief in me I got up every morning and told myself I could do this. Without programs like Juno, I know for certain I wouldn’t be doing something that I’m very passionate about and so invested in. I’m forever grateful and I can’t fully express my gratitude but one thing I can say for certain is that if you give them 200%, they will give you 300% because the difference between who you were yesterday and who you will be tomorrow depends on what you do today, so take the opportunity to work with Juno and become the author of your own success story, they only come around once in a lifetime.”
(Broadmeadows Jobseeker)

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“Andrew Ford is my name and I would like to take this opportunity to talk briefly about my recent experience with Tim and the team at Juno. I was made redundant a while ago from a job I had work in for many years. I was feeling so many emotions, let down, nowhere to go etc. I embarked on a training course with Tim and his team to assist me in finding a job and the ideal way to get it done. Thanks to Juno I have now been in solid employment for 9 months and moving up in the ranks. The positive guidance and personal strengths I had received from the Juno team have put me in such a positive place both professional and personally.”
Andrew Ford
(Box Hill Jobseeker)

This is one of those opportunities that doesn’t come along every day. Honestly Steph (my KPMG Mentor), if it was not for you and your help, I would not be here right now. I would not have a clear path for the future and I would probably still be floating around career lost. The assistance that you and the Juno team have given me has been life changing.Aesia (Coburg Jobseeker)