Internal Mentoring

Facilitated mentoring programs are one of our key areas of expertise. We have run several internal mentoring programs and we have used internal mentoring in the context of preserving corporate wisdom, employee development and succession planning.

To us mentoring is a process of deliberately pairing a more skilled or experienced person with a lesser skilled or experienced person, with the agreed upon goal of having the lesser skilled person grow and develop specific competencies. This process needs up-front training for both parties and ongoing facilitation to keep the process on track. Our mentoring model and training modules can be easily customised to your particular needs.

Organisations often underestimate the amount of structure and facilitation that an internal mentoring program requires. Unstructured or non-facilitated programs tend to wilt quickly and rarely progress beyond the ‘buddy’ stage. We are very much in favour of distinguishing the mentor role from a buddy, role model or advocate. Agreeing upon goals and tracking their completion becomes one of the most important drivers in our facilitated mentoring programs.