Effective Teams

This action learning workshop generates a feeling in all participants that it is possible for the team to reach new heights of performance with a little reflection, feedback and planning.

We debrief every step extensively to allow all participants to link the experience in the workshop to their day-to-day team interaction, so that new behaviour is transferred to where it matters. Team requirements and behaviours are made conscious on 3 levels with participants reflecting and giving and receiving feedback on:
• Themselves as individuals in the team
• Other team members
• The team as a whole

The ‘Power of Effective Teams’ program is a one day workshop based around action learning and reflection. Each cycle of the exercise consists of:
• Planning, performing, reflecting and debrief, thus enhancing the level of conscious learning.
• Our facilitators observing the group closely during all steps and feeding back their observations during the debrief stages.

As the basis for the reflection and debrief we use the DiSC model which:
• Highlights the performance enhancing (blue) and performance blocking (red) behaviours.
• Gives all participants an easy-to-remember framework that can be applied in the workplace.