DiSC Profiling

Reflecting on the behaviour of individuals and teams

It is important for individuals and teams to periodically reflect on their own personal as well as their team’s behaviour; and compare it to the optimum for cohesive and high performance teams.

The DiSC profiling tool is a proven, clear and effective tool for describing preferred behavioural types within a specific situation/environment, such as the workplace. It is effective in contrasting performance enhancing behaviours against performance blocking ones.

Similarly, it provides valuable insights into team interactions and highlights why some people just ‘click’ whilst others need to consciously work on their professional relationship.


Juno Consulting’s “DiSC Profiling” program, consisting of one foundation day plus a half-day follow up, is designed to:

  • Provide a means for highlighting current behaviours and patterns
  • Put the team through an ‘emotional health check’
  • Identify performance blocking behaviours exhibited by the team/individuals.
  • Introduce the concept of performance enhancing and performance blocking behaviours
  • Facilitate a discussion between the participants around the meaning and the implications of their profile
  • Provide participants an easy-to-remember framework that can be applied in the workplace
  • Support participants as they address a workplace issue that they have been avoiding

Team requirements and behaviours are made conscious on 3 levels with participants reflecting, giving and receiving feedback on:

  • Themselves as individuals in the team
  • Other team members
  • The team as a whole

Program Structure


Day one of the ‘DiSC Profiling’ program is based around action learning and reflection. Our facilitators feed back their observations and create a framework for team members to give each other feedback in a respectful and empathetic manner. By the end of day one each participant has identified and discussed a workplace issue that they would like to work on using their new insights.


After a 2-3 week gap the participants come back to debrief how they tackled their issue, what they learnt, how they would refine what they did reinforcing the learning from the foundation day.

A Tailored Approach

Each team comes with a different history, culture and level of desire to take the next step. We customise all of our programs to meet your particular needs, which may include DiSC with a focus on effective communication between DiSC behaviour types; Motivation and performance management; and Performance issues around personal beliefs, values, and individual needs