Client Testimonials

    “This is so much more than an adaptive leadership programme. It is purpose and humanity at its best. Pieter Hanekom Head of Leadership Development, BUPA (Aust/NZ)
    “The Juno experience took me to an emotional level that I did not expect, greatly strengthened my resilience and challenged me to ‘step up and lead’. I learnt that sometimes success doesn’t come sugar coated or arriving with great fanfare – such a great lesson!
    I recommend all managers should do this.”
    Senior Manager, CARDS, ANZ Banking Group

    “I have been a mentor to graduates in the past however this program has taken me completely out of my comfort zone. I found it extremely challenging and rewarding and I have seen my protégé transform over the past months to the point where he is now ready to re-enter the workforce, this transformation has been an enormous step from where he once was. If you happen to be nominated I would highly recommend that you take up the offer, it really provides you with a reality check and opens your eyes to a completely different perspective on life and challenges faced by others who are not as fortunate.”
    Jim Paneras, Senior Project Manager – PTV

    “Sometimes, when we hit a wall, we could benefit from some out-of-the-box thinking based on how others problem-solve and strategise. Our Juno mentors are often surprised to gain unseen insights about themselves which then reignites their career drive, stretches their vision and goals and opens up ways to work through challenges they had previously thought impossible.”
    Ted Acutt, Partner-in-Charge Advisory – KPMG

    “I had high expectations when I signed up for Juno, but wow you took it to another level. Thank you for an amazing and life changing experience. Not only was your knowledge of the material outstanding but the personal attention you paid to every participant pushed us to reach our full potential. The best facilitators I have seen in a long time.”
    Lana Carey, People & Culture Business Manager (APAC) – CPA Australia

    “A great way for people at all levels to enhance their skill set, interact with each other and grow their leadership ability.”
    Claire Shoemake, Area Head – Mastercard

    “Due to the Juno program experience I have more confidence in myself when it comes to potentially difficult situations or conversations with an emotional component – I am not so afraid of ‘rocking the boat’ and for that reason can deal with things in a much more levelheaded way. I’ve built up more tolerance for difference – I thought I was a pretty tolerant person but now find my ability to get into other peoples’ shoes is more developed. I think it’s helped me both to recognise more difference in the people around me, and given me greater tools with which to engage rather than clashing or avoiding. I’m more patient. I’m a bit of a ‘problem solver’ and tend to get stressed if I can’t see a solution immediately. This process has really helped me use and work with time, and step things out, and allowed me to keep working without necessarily having a clear end in sight. All of these learnings have strongly affected and improved all sorts of relationships in both my work & personal life.”
    Ruth, Senior Leader – Lonely Planet (BBC Worldwide)

    “The mandate of the program is very black and white; coach/mentor someone into the workforce, but the program was so much more than that. For me, it proved an invaluable perspective into my own shortcomings as an employee, friend and leader. It provided me with a ‘safe space’ to allow myself to be vulnerable and develop a new set of leadership skills. I can’t recommend it enough.”
    Programmer, Banking Product & Markets Operations – Nab

    “I have recently participated in the Juno coaching program and have found it really beneficial for my coaching and leadership skills. The coaching skills taught are actually consistent with a transformational coaching approach, so it aligns well with how we want to communicate with our staff. The aspect that is particularly beneficial is the ability to test different methods ‘backstage’. While in a workplace this could be risky (and for some people can take a great deal of courage), in a community initiative, like Juno’s the design gives you the opportunity to trial new methods and coaching approaches to the age old problems of motivation and behavioural modification. I highly endorse getting involved with the project!”
    Marketing Manager – Viva Energy Australia

    “The Juno program demonstrated what is possible when we think laterally and collaborate with others. We learned that by being creative, reframing the problems we think we are trying to solve, and thinking in a multidimensional way, we can achieve several goals simultaneously. By integrating corporate social responsibility principles into the way we get things done, we increased our leadership capabilities, created more enriching personal and professional development opportunities for our staff and made a positive and enduring contribution to the community.”
    Fabienne Michaux, Board Member – The Australian Advisory Board on Impact Investing

    “I’ve learned to unlearn and relearn the things that matter most.”Managing Director & Lead Analytical Manager – S&P Global Ratings