Client Testimonials

The Thought Leaders’ Program was a journey that I needed to take. I didn’t realise it until I was in the program and was learning the content with Juno. My realisation was a result of the way the program was structured, how the group was selected and also due to the insightful facilitators and their wisdom. My life won’t be the same and I am looking forward to attending the next Juno program and continue on this wonderful journey.Mandy Cunningham – Business Partner Learning & Organisational Development, Superpartners
  • A passage to personal and professional transformation that will bring out your highest potential.
    Felicity Neale – Standard & Poor’s
  • I gained a lifetime’s worth of knowledge in six days. The content was delivered at a pace where the group had numerous insights into themselves and others minute by minute.
    Anna Beddows
  • To consistently engage and connect with the heart seems like an impossible task in the noisiness of our lives, but to witness a course being presented in this way is evidence that, in fact, you can.
    Kendall Macdowell
If you have ever wondered why you do what you do, you must attend this course. Prepare to be challenged, shifted, enlightened and ready to release the person you have always wanted to be!
Craig Stephens – Value Coach
  • Juno’s Thought Leader’s Program has been life-changing and educational. I see, hear and feel things with more clarity and understanding than ever before through the principles of NLP. To become a better leader is to better understand people and the meaning of communication. I’ve already seen immediate results at home and in the workplace and remain confident that the tools Juno’s given me will continue to enhance my leadership skills and enable me to better support those around me.
    Ryan Leslie – General Manager, Plant Performance Pty Ltd
  • The Thought Leaders’ Program exceeded my expectations and is a must do for any leader genuine in their quest to better understand themselves and others. A fast paced, thought provoking, challenging but ‘real’ program, I walked away with no shortage of ‘light bulb’ moments in the process of my own self-discovery and how to support others in being the best they can be. This program opened my eyes and I see the changes every day at home and work. The Juno team deliver the program with utmost professionalism and with an ‘ease and grace’ that is not only impressive but inspiring. Thanks Mei, Marion and Heath
    Jane Leslie – Director, Aerium
  • I have had the pleasure of working with Juno Consulting over several years and in many programs and have loved every experience. From participating, my confidence has greatly increased, I am far more accountable to myself and choosing consciously to engage in resourceful behaviours. The benefits are that I am happier and more centred and feeling more successful in my life – thank you!
    Alison Nurthen
  • The Thought Leaders Program has helped release me from unhelpful patterns and provided me with a rich toolbox of techniques to help me further develop myself and others around me.
    Steven Hayhoe – Director, Deep Group
  • Juno are consistently professional and “real” at the same time. Juno gives me a place to go outside my comfort zone and to grow. Their personal attention, knowledge, patience and groundedness is amazing!
    Mardi Trompf
  • Practical and holistic learnings that can be applied to both the workplace and at home. It has improved my relationships everywhere. Thank you Mei and Heath.
    Natina Bonadonna
  • I have found the course to be an exceptional balance between being challenged and being rewarded with knowledge and support. At times (often) I was taken well out of my comfort zone and always provided with tools and techniques to manage these stresses. Learning these tools and techniques will serve me well for the rest of my life – thank you for opening these doors.
  • I feel the Thought Leaders Program will be a significant turning point in my career and life. The “ease and grace” of the learning environment facilitated by Mei, Heath and Marion ensured a level of engagement that led to meaningful, sustainable and shared personal growth. Thank you!
    Craig – NAB
  • As a Juno veteran, I have always found their programs fantastic. Just when you think you’re done and have nothing left to learn, the Juno team will help you notice something in your blind spot and the journey carries on for another chapter. I look forward to more chapters.
    Shelley Flett – Customer Experience Manager – Collections, ANZ
  • Fantastic training – an unexpected self-discovery that has and will continue to transform my life, and as a result the lives of those around me. Amazing!
    Mark Parish – Senior Manager, Productivity and Innovation, ANZ
  • Another fantastic program facilitated by a group of genuine, caring, intellectual, professional and knowledgeable individuals that together make a wonderful team. Thank you!
    Luke Bourchier – BP Australia