Who We Are

Juno Consulting is a Melbourne based consultancy that works at the cross section of leadership development and Corporate Social Responsibility.

We have been in business since 2001 and enjoy delivering innovative experiential leadership programs that help business and individual leaders reconnect with community in a meaningful way.

What We Do

Business Community Mentoring – programs designed to create a powerful motivation for leaders to overcome their own barriers and start experimenting with new leadership skills and behaviours
New Leaders – programs to assist new leaders in making the transition to management
Job Active & DES Programs – a suite of programs which are known for their high level of outcomes when working with long-term unemployed clients

Our Mission

Juno Consulting believes that business is undergoing a transformation that will reconnect the private sector economy with broader civil society. We believe Corporate Social Responsibility and changes in organisational values and cultures are expressions of this trend. Our vision is to act as a change agent for this transformation, which we believe is mirrored by equivalent changes in the NGO sector.

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